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20 x The Healthy Former Athlete

20 x The Healthy Former Athlete

For bulk orders in quantities of 20, receive a 30% discount. Regularly $17.99, in quantities of 20, books are only $12.50


    It's a moment that you've always known would come, but that doesn't stop the whirlwind of emotions you're left to deal with after the last whistle blows. Sadness. Panic. Maybe relief. Usually confusion over what to do next.

    Most athletes have happily devoted a lifetime to their sport, but few are prepared for end of their competitive career. This easy-to-follow guide addresses the common problems and questions athletes face after “retirement”: Can I eat whatever I want now? I can’t afford a gym membership, how am I going to stay in shape? Do I still need to lift weights? How do I save money on food? How do I meet people my age? What do I do without my sport?! 

    Board Certified Sports Dietitian Lauren Link will take you through the process as if you’re sitting across from her in her office. You'll come away with a complete plan in place including appropriate calorie goals and a workout plan suited to your new life, plus tips for navigating all those nutrition-related obstacles out in the real world.


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